Salt is a chemical with the formula sodium chloride NaCl. We distinguish between evaporated salt and rock salt. Evaporated salt is produced during the centrifugation of the brine formed on the basis of rock salt, and rock salt is extracted using the traditional mining method from the natural resources of the Earth, and then crushed in order to obtain the appropriate fractions. The salt may be in the form of a solid or a brine solution.

We offer table salt in 1 kg and 25 kg packages and in big-bags.
We offer rock and road salt in 25 kg packages.

Extensive use of salt


Production of
cleaning products

Winter road and
pavement maintenance

Food industry

Other uses

  • In the consumer market, table salt has many uses, but the most common use is as a flavoring and preservative
  • Used in the chemical industry to obtain chlorine and sodium in electrolysis processes

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