Soda ash

Sodium carbonate is a chemical with the formula Na2CO3.

Soda ash is one of the basic chemical raw materials used in industry and, at the same time,
a product used in everyday life. It has strategic importance in the functioning of the economy.
There are two varieties of soda: soda light and soda dense.

Our offer applies to the supply of soda in bulk and packages such as big-bag and bags 25 kg.

Application of soda ash in industry:

Glass industry

Household chemistry industry

Metallurgical industry

Paper industry

Specific application:

  • Manufacture of glass in the building and automotive industries and manufacture of glass packaging
  • Manufacture of washing powders, detergents, and other cleaning and refreshment products
  • Ensures the correct PH of the water
  • Manufacture of pharmaceuticals and food additives
  • Paper-making ingredient
  • Used in metallurgy as a catalyst for gases and impurities
  • It is a melting and enriching agent of ore

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